Rapid Wall Building System (RWBS)

Rigid structure performance. Easy to assemble as a tent.


Rapid Assembly

Establish operational readiness quickly and get back to your primary mission

Improved efficiency of resources (manpower, machine, materials, and methods)

Get troops protected quickly under shelter

Secure areas and remove men from direct harm and exposure fast

Performance and Safety

E84 material testing for fire and smoke allowing for safe habitation in all environments

Energy Efficient with available R10 to R24+ systems for greatly reduced operational costs

20+ years service life

Flat pack and sized to meet ISO container, TRICON container, or standard air pallet requirements


Interchangeable Modular Panels—Make Immediate changes for rapidly changing field needs:

Building configuration (extendible in 4’ increments for maximum operational flexibility)

Building use

Building layouts (change doors, windows, interior walls, etc., locations on the fly)

Components are interchangeable between structures

Same assembly/disassembly process for any size structure


Rigid walls

8’ eave height for added work height and space

Modular system allows for addition of wall hanging accessories (desk tops, cabinets, shelving, monitors, etc) with no screws, nails, or tools required

Reduced carbon footprint utilizing recycled materials

Structural design removes center posts and beams for clear interior space

Interior and exterior walls can be custom colored to meet campaign needs

System can be set to a platform, or directly to the ground

Interior walls can be added, removed, reconfigured easily with no tools

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