Safe, durable, cost-saving buildings.

Easily assembled in one hour with two people and a rubber mallet.


Shelter People Quickly, Humanely and Cost-Effectively

Currently existing options to shelter people are tents or rigid structures that are complex, time consuming to build, unsafe and inefficient.

They’re also costly and wasteful, because they need to be replaced.

Save Time

Assemble with just two people in one hour. Build 16 shelters per day with same manpower needed to build just 1 current refugee shelter.

Save Money

Purchase once. Don’t have to keep buying replacements like the current shelters.

Reduce Waste

Durable and re-usable for 20+ years, compared to the 3-year lifespan of current shelter.

Imagine how many homes you can make for families in need versus your current solution

16 vs. 1 in a day

112 vs. 7 in a week

480 vs. 30 in a month

5,840 vs. 365 in a year

Build 5,475 more homes with the same man power!

Multiple Solutions in a Single Building System

Long-term | Short-term | Mobile Solutions

Build whatever you need with the same system and assembly process. Conserve global resources.

Full turn-key kits:

Housing Units
Fully Outfitted Medical Units
School Units
Operation and Communications Centers
Custom Kits to Meet Any User Demand


Power Generation and Battery Storage
Water Conservation and Filtration Systems

Modular Construction

Rapid Deploy and Assembly

Very few, easy-to-use (and handle) components

No small fasteners to lose or handle

No complex tools – just one rubber mallet

Designed specifically for community and family participation in rebuilding their lives

No experience needed

Build anywhere by anyone

Adaptable to meet cultural, religious, and community needs

Designed with input from humanitarian groups and medical personnel to understand the needs, capabilities, and limitations found in the field

Designed by Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Structural Engineers to be simple, yet durable and easy to assemble by anyone

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